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Are Your Swarovski Crystal Beads Fake?
Swarovski crystals are known for being created to be perfectly uniform in their shape, size and their facets. You can easily look at the crystal even with out a magnifying glass and see they look perfect! Glass substitutes will have the same shape, maybe even a similar size but the facet cuts on the bicone crystal will not be perfectly uniform nor line up at a single point. There will also be a tendency for the crystals to look lopsided with their cuts where one end is very pointed and the other end almost flattened. You should be able to line up your loose crystals and not see any discrepancy. Look for bubbles inside the crystals. If you see bubbles then your crystal is not Swarovski and is glass. You should be able to see through it without any bubbles or marks. Swarovski crystals will definitely weigh more than fake glass crystals, but this is hard to determine on jewelry that is already made.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

More Useless Information About Me!

I've had a passion for making jewelry as far back as I can remember. My passion was ignited by being a member of a very large family that was always involved with crafts in one way or another.

Dad was a Cub Scout Leader who held meetings at home - sort of the Grand Poohbah of ceremonies. Mom was the Art Director in charge of projects and supplies. I had the dubious honor of being Project Tester; this job involved making upcoming projects to be sure the boys were able to complete them. The logic was, if Debbie can do it, anybody can do it!

One project I have vivid memories of loving was the fantastic, fabulous Macaroni Necklace! This beauty was to be a gift for the Cub Scouts' moms to wear proudly. I remember how much fun it was to paint the macaroni different colors and how you could then create and design your own necklace. This was my favorite and actually made me want to become a Cub Scout!

Some kids sneak cookies or candy but I snuck macaroni. I had stashes of it hidden all around the house. When I used up my stashes, I could always look under the sofa cushions and find more. I couldn't make enough macaroni necklaces and I still have my passion for making jewelry; I just don't use macaroni anymore.

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